Dan Jones B&W

Dan has been working up through the ranks of garden landscaping for nearly 20 years. It’s probably fair to say this company is his baby (although his 6 year old son would try to claim first place…)

Dan now oversees his two specialist garden construction teams and runs the business side of things, but years of doing the physical work mean he’s more than aware of the hard graft necessary to build that perfect garden! With this in mind he’s careful to pick team members who share his industriousness, combined with just the right amount of geeky attention to detail.  The team members are very important to Dan, he feels it’s crucial to give them an opportunity to grow as people as well as tradesman.  He does his best to create a stable workplace with a family atmosphere.  In this environment Dan hopes that each member of his team can start to realise their full potential.

“We help each other, learn from each other and therefore improve each other”.

Dan relishes a new project and will always be on hand to oversee the process. Seriously, this man loves to talk about gardens!

We only work with ethically sourced top quality materials that are used in the correct way with all the necessary site preparartion.

ethics and environment

As a responsible Landscaping company we are committed to ensuring that any imported paving stone we buy is ethically sourced by a member of the E.T.I (Ethical Trading Initiative).


The above link shows that London Stone Paving Ltd & PAVESTONE (the suppliers we use) are members.

We are aware that a lot of the cheap Indian sandstone that arrives on our shores may well have been quarried and/or processed by child or bonded labour and we do not wish to be linked with this in any way.  The internet is full of “great value” materials and there are often bargains to be had but at what cost?.  You may be able to save £5 per square meter of paving stone but if you stop and think about the the real cost and effect on peoples lives then it might not seem such great value.


FSC is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by the major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust. The wood is tracked from the forest to the store so every link between the forest and the consumer is certified to make it clearly identifiable which wood is FSC certified and which is not.

The FSC label guarantees that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. Some parts of the forest are protected entirely, in order to preserve rare animals and plants.

We are concious of the amount of waste that can be generated when taking on large scale garden landscaping.  A lot of the “waste” isn’t necessary waste at all and we do our best to reuse left over materials where ever possible.  Off-cuts of timber can often be used on future projects in the sub-frame of a deck and left over paving stones can be reused as a base for your bins rather than thrown away.  The waste that we do have to dispose of in done so in a responsible manor and we only use licensed waste carriers that are environmentally aware and recycle up to £85% of the waste in the skips we fill.  If the waste was to be taken off site by a cheaper unlicensed truck it may well end up dumped on the street or worse.

We also make every effort to minimise the use of harsh chemicals.  And although we are forced to use a lot of it, we do try and keep our cement usage in check and keep wastages to an absolute minimum. There are often ways to keep cement use down such as eco-grid and gravel for a shed base rather than concrete.